Subway singer sings "The first time ever I saw your face" Polystylez the real ADONIS

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I beleive it was around february 2010 that this video was recorded, in the Bryant park train station of NYC. A very nice gentleman with an accent asked if he could record me, just as I was about to leave the station. So I agreed and  turned the CD back to the last track that was playing, which happened to be "The first Time Ever I saw your face". This song has been done best by Roberta flack, leonna Lewis, lauryn Hill, George michael, Elvis and even Johnny Cash. I sang to the instrumentation of Roberta Flack and he loved it. I thanked him as he gave me a tip, and then I packed my things and moved on. By the winter of 2010 I traveled down south for work, not knowing when I would return. It was April 2011 when I returned to the tunnels and within a week, I was approached by a local fan whho sais she saw me on the internet, and I was in disbeleif... I had just revived my website from its 2004 failure so there wasn't much on it yet. but she identified me from youtube. And as I searched for subway singers that night... there I was with 6000 hits. Not even a year later, by January 2012 I had 30,000 hits to that chanel. I want to give a warm thankyou to the man that recorded this timeless treasure for me and you can subscribe to his chanel by clicking on the video or search him as #alvingra on Youtube.

for booking call polystylez (the real adonis) @ 678-468-6965

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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