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Local Living Legend, King LAWZ.
 All I remember is laughing my ass off in English class, (before LMAO was a popular acronym OR pop phenomena). When Mr. Harp, our senior English teacher, asked for home work, we would pass papers around and share answers before he got to our desks, often laughing and sweating about it later. Back then all I had was a book of rhymes, and a fancy pen. I had no idea at this point that Walt, was a rymer as well. On the surface, he was a funny but silent guy, with the same spirit as our senior year English teacher, who didnt take "NO mess"; but the other side of him I would not discover until a decade later. The explosive club banger "45 cocked", sais it all. This single which has you shaking your head (SYH) or mushing some elses back will have you very familiar with the repeat button. Sporting a classic "mean mug" (frown) before there was a term for it, and a fitted cap; Walt, formerly known as "my nigga nate" and "YUNG DEVILLE" attended the same highschool in GA, where the likes of many celebrities were born. Our school had some of the lowest scores in SAT rates, graduation, and GPA; at a critical time in history, where we were ranked one of the poorest education systems in the Nation.  Despite the lack of quality education, We made up for it in talent, attending school at the same time with the likes of under ground rappers Shelle "bombshell", Archie, R&B successor Ciara, Miranda Nicole, Jamar Nolan and many others. The city of Riverdale, was a once shunned upon place in a county called Clayton. Now it is arguably the most talented area in the south. And pioneers like Walt and Archie have definetley encouraged the street credibility of this town. Then, major rap artists did anything to deny being from, or having any affiliation with Riverdale (I won't mention names), but  NOW "RIVERDALE" is all in your music videos; and has influenced southern Rap music as much as Beverly Hills did movies./// shout out to Mr. Harp as well; (I wonder what he would think about WALTz usage of "English" applied to our lives in Hip HOP now.... [SHAKING MY HEAD]

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