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A man of great thought and minimal word. Ivan Ramos is an artist that truly owns his own style. Before listening to him in the studio, I thought he was just another "rapper". I TRULY HAD NEVER- heard anything like this before. Within a century very few artist with a niche, are able to merge through the cracks; ie., Stevie Nicks, Prince, Tionne Watkins just to name a few. What really speaks measures, is when you create a brand new genre, that never existed before you. Erykah Badu and George Clinton had spawned off a bunch of "wanna-be-artists" after they reached success. I am certain that Ivan Ramos will accomplish this in HIP HOP, the same way Missy Elliot and Busta RYMES did. Ramos does not waste time with the rigmarole of S.A.T. vocabulary, or 3rd grade punch lines that seem to be a standard in popular music these days; instead he gives you a raw element of conscience, with a bizarre, unconventional delivery. Often repeating words a few times with simplicity so it will come to understanding later; His approach is thought provoking but modest, and his conversation is the same.

This picture was taken around the days leading up to hurricane Irene as seen on twitter.

I met Ivan Ramos while I was singing on the train for pennys. He stopped and gave me a few dollars and told me how great my voice was. (I hate when people tell me things about myself that I already know) LOL, but I forgave him quick. He asked me to collaborate with him on an up coming independently owned album. Of course I was going to support the arts and the rest is history- or should I say HISTORICAL. The day we had scheduled to meet over the phone was planned weeks in advance and what interrupted us? (none other than the infamous Hurricane IRENE which was due to hit on the same exact day we were going to meet up, August 26- A friday.) I made it to Union square park early and he was running late, everyone was acting like it was the Apocolypse, and the sky was about to get darker. Despite his dis-concern with the storm and his relentless effort to follow through, I decided to cancel because I did not want to get caught up New York cities mess, plus it was about to rain. I never thought of calling back honestly, because I had too many projects going on at the time.  And I figured if a hurricane tried to stop me, It must not be a positive omen. I even remember thinking how incredibly "GOD-like" it was for him to have no worries of the hurricane coming through...Weeiirdo! LOL. Incredibly, the storm passed without even touching me... and I was in the eye of the madness. Thats when I looked back down at Ivans phone number. This was something that was supposed to happen....





You are Listening to "LOVE HUE" by Ra'Most

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