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I would like to thank all of my friends and supporters who continue to follow my progression into a way of life that never pays off for MOST of us. Even though I continue to dabble in a life style that is SO un promising, you still chose to be here. You've liked my fan pages, you've viewed my videos, and gave me encouragment. I would like to Honor you right now on this page. All of you are the "bees" that keep the flowers rich and without this POLYnation, my garden would never grow. Thank you for being a part of Underground music and indie art. #TEAMTRA

Thank you for supporting    #TeamT R A

Steffan Sylvers aka the real adonis in the MTA


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Don't you think for 1 minute I EVER forget about my squad::::

  • Tina kennedy
  • Leslie Cole
  • Jwest Moreno
  • Michelle Bland
  • Sandi Ililonga
  • Krysteena Corbet-Terell
  • ERIC and Landi
  • Tina from 14th st. (UHO inc.)
  • Quese
  • Tanapan Puanghadee (T.P)
  • Etta (E.T)
  • Bug Wang
  • Scott Hires
  • Larissa Webb
  • Trishette Martin
  • Salina Pitman
  • Rick Milceltic
  • Leonard
  • Mark Zezza
  • Andrea Nwoke
  • Ryan McDonald
  • Itill wiggins
  • Andre Betts
  • Courtney wall
  • Christopher Lynch
  • salvatore (haunted tavern)
  • Diana Muho
  • Lorenza collins
  • Alex Fredericks
  • Richard Milceltic
  • Jay Santiago
  • Peter Saati
  • Jobe Claudine
  • Kimyon Huggins
  • Maureen Kelleher
  • Kate Dunphy
  • Nissa Rivard
  • K. Martin
  • Chanthy Chun
  • Daniel Burity
  • Steven Kessler
  • Mike Escrow
  • Steve Rahaman
  • Gil Tami
  • Tana Sarntinoranont
  • Michael Cadenazzi
  • Michael A. Martinez
  • Justin Orvis Steimer(MTA)
  • Winston (MTA)
  • Renee Paris  Powell
  • Thomas BaccarO
  • kiah Trumpet
  • Jess (food marke/ Queens)
  • King Flash
  • Krysteena Corbet Terrell
  • Anastasiia
  • Chandra
  • ET
  • Linda Manigo
  • Teresa Greene
  • Jaleea Jackson
  • Uniska
  • Yvette Brown
  • Mary Crenshaw
  • Charlotte Devoe

Chandra Thornton

I love you Crododile although we never met. We are human beings and that's all I know how to treat people like my neighbor. I respect you as a person and nobody can change that for me. I know you a looney tune, crazy, from an unknown planet, a mouthful with a weird twist of you are a genius with a loving heart. Yes, I said it and know it. I only knew you as the guy with a magnifying voice singing in a subway hub looking homeless. Nothing about where you came from. I didn't know you were part of a family I heard singing when I was young until I joined UNSUNG. People don't understand how I sometime speak of my extending family than the one I was born into. No explanation needed or required, I post in a message. Sharing the same DNA doesn't make me love you more or less, but I'm treated better by stranger like you. I thank God...Yes I said that too..For meeting you and knowing I have a true friend that we can agree to disagree but remain friends. My circle is like a dot and I can count my true friends on one hand and have one or two left over. I just has to logged on and tell you that for some reason. My Speech Therapist wore me out today, but my voice and body is healing. Nobody knows what I actually been through and still going but I won't complain. I logged on every now and than to see what is that Steffan up to now. You make my smile and laugh, you are a gift to many. Especially me! Now I must rest but I know you can't get rid of me because I'm special as well. Sane or Insane! Loving this CD!- Chandra Thornton



One love to all of the MTA patrons who have supported my struggle when i was busking on the train. You mean the most to me and our folk songs I will never forget. A special thank you to all of my HIP HOP fans who have followed me through Ryme tyme news, The infamous freestyle board, The freakstylaz message board, My people on the blog, and face book. Appreciation to all my sponsors; Anthony Valez, and no future entertainment, Munchie brain inc., Krysteena Corbett Terell and friends CCS entertainment... (visit my sponsors page to see more)

 And to all the haters who contributed to taking down RYME TYME news, congradulations for landing on my wind shield. Im back B!@#$.

Hello Atlanta!  
It's Adonis aka POLYstylez 
A big shout out first and foremost to HECTIC one; my super producer, and all of our former clients at CCS entertainment (Cypha Celcius Sound labs), who we helped build together... Turk, BULLY and Lil Miss Drama (aka le Madamme), D luck, Mr. sir, Jason greene, and friends, Scotty Vocals aka Lenny Global, Jireh (no love loss),holla! The grown man now ...formerly known as Master Mind. Shout out to Jermaine Earnest, Ali of soundquest productions, AIU and Bauder universities, a warm hard hug goes out to LONDON, sista girl #1, good luck with your literary and comical creations, and Hope to see you whenever I revist Atlanta. Charley Mac, Professor Griff, Christina Aggard aka Christy Luxe- (and daddy jumpin Benny and Sanah, Cee lo. And a shout out to my favorite news personality and great advice giver Karen Greer, I wish you success and hope you take it to CNN.

 Its the real Adonis

I've created a book for all of my followers on the MTA, I have currently taken a break from Folk music, to work on my techno-House experiment,and develop my little web world. But for those who are familiar with the music of the real ADONIS, this is a tribute page to you, my "FIRST RESPONDERS" you know me inside out from the songs that I have only shared with you on the streets of New York, from 2007-2010.
Thats right, 14th street, I'm the same person i've always been just constantly growing. look out for me on youtube by searching for THE REAL ADONIS; 14th street NEW YORK. A shout out goes to Tina of U.H.O. on 14th street. Eric and Landi. All the "cunt bags" at the guitar center. My neighborhood friends at Mc Donalds. One love to Victoria Dillard, and Lyn Whitfield.(14th st. casuals) A heads up to BANG, BUG, and Chris lynch, Anthony Valez, and all of my musical coherts.

Shout out to all the cyber thugs who tried to
I created this one for you. Ryme Tyme is always home baby!




An insight into my everyday life as a musician and the various artists I have worked with.



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