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Since I created the POLYstylez play list, many people are interested in who I follow other than myself. While their are some folks I listen to and dont know anything about, this is a page simply about the people I keep my eye on, this is a NON PAID- non comercial page. None of the artists have payed to be featured on here. It is simply my stories and opinions about the individuals, that dont refelect how they feel at all.



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Somebody sent me an e-mail, and said "You gotta listen to this guy from Georgia, he's awesome". I said okay, and then I followed the links that were provided, and they didnt work.   I asked the guys name he told me jamar Nolan, so I googled him and nothing came up. After a few attempts I just gave up. But then I saw this name again, and I had to find out who is on my calibur in the INDIE music scene. It was a rapper named J.Nolan and he was mutual friends with Miranda Nicole- another musician I went to highschool with (from Riverdale). I sent him a direct message asking him for a down load for his music, and got a response in less than a day. I think I was more impressed with his professionalism then anything, but when I heard the words that were coming from his speech....(moment of silence) The only other artist that was EVER this HOT was a singer named Antonio Dye, who I created a chanel for on my web site without knowing him or seeing him face to face. when I heard Nolans music, It was over, I knew we had to do a colaboration... and that is still in the works.


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Ques and the REAL ADONIS met for the first time on the MTA and the rest was history. Ques, a New York native  sais that The real Adonis is the best singer he ever heard in his life. Often referring to polystylez as his favorite singer. In the summer of 2010, the two collaborated on a few songs together where ques provided the lyrics. One of the more popular of the bunch is a song called "what would you do", scheduled to have a video release by the summer of 2012.

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"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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