The Hot links advertisments are $60 a year ($5/month with a 12 month minimum) to the general public, and is only promoted on the POLYnation website [] which is a news letter geared towards the friends and long time subscribers of the POLYstylez network. Advertisers are able to post up to 6 lines and 150 characters. The advertisement will be posted on 1 page; each additional page attaches a $20 fee. MEMBERS may excercise the liberty of 1 free ad a year, with the exception of "PEOPLE IM FOLLOWING" whose advertisements will appear on their fan page any way. For any further questions or inquires contact POLYstylez directly at (678) 468-6965

  • $60 a year
  • With color $120 a year
  • 6 LINES
  • 150 characters (no exceptions)


"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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