Is Joe Budden being forced Out of the game?....or Naww



A game changing article about how many artists are suffering and benefiting from the new climate in the music industry.

The GOD of Independence (POly~stylez) explains the takeover and the rise and fall of the Label Rats


In the wake of all the gun violence of 2016, not only are the hip hop show cases dying, but the rappers who paved the way are fading just as fast; Perhaps making it more difficult for the ones who are on their way up.  Just weeks after Irving plaza was shot up in NYC by Troy ave, and  a day before the massacre at the PULSE night club in florida; sits with The Real Adonis, to discuss the state of Hip hop music and the shows that are ahead.

You might be familiar with the reality star from an over load of hip hop, mixed tapes, released in 2003, but the rest of the world was introduced to Joe Budden almost a decade later; when he became a washed up - has been - or never was, reality star on the famous TV show "Love and Hip HOP. After the success of his first season, which was centered around the drama he had with his long time, committed girlfriend Tahiry; he was dumped by the beautiful bombshell for not keeping his dick in his pants (Or at least thats the way I see it). With an aging hairline and drug enduced vocal chord, he tried hard to keep up a storyline, from a dusty relationship with some crack head hoe he met in rehab. The surprise was not to find out that noone cared about an album, he talked about for 8 years that was never produced; but to discover in front of everyone in Herald square NYC, that his comitted ex girlfriend was finally over him, was the big shocker, leaving him devastated and embarrased on national television, while earning her a brand new fan base and followers on you tube.

So why is he being forced to retire? or is he just taking "a break", like the rest of these underground rappers who are as invisinble as the Phantom. #punWASintended

In 2012, Joe Budden played a show at B.B. Kings earning himself 64 likes on the show page after the reality show revived his relevance. At the time, this was superceeded by emerging, more talented artists who were earning less pay, and actually singing "BLUES SONGS", which is what the legendary B.B. King, opened up his restaurants for. Polystylez played the same venue that year, doing a medley of songs on his guitar and earned 133 likes the next week.

"My shows are better promoted (joe's not going to invite people on face book) , my talent is more potent,(im a singer and a RAPPER, and I give you something you can feel-I play an instrument) and the audience is more genuine, because I'm not super famous... so they are really here to see my show. Sombody like Joe budden will always fall short in comparison to me because the only thing he has to sell is 5 minutes... (fame) I am the raw truth"

The self proclaimed GOD of Independence, POLYstylez aka The Real Adonis, interviewed himself for his own article that throws shade on the L&HH star, who goes on to say,

"My biggest weapon is my worth, I am more talented than Joe Budden and I am more humble and affordable than Joe Budden, and thats why it WILL... be his last show at B.B kings, because they would book someone like me who will give them more for less- besides they have him playing in LUCILLES ball room LOL". Lucilles is a down stairs show room for smaller acts. Joe Budden will be returning to B.B. Kings on JUNE 13th, and his music rival, The Real Adonis will be playing at "THE SHRINE" on the same day. tickets  available online.


11 people LIKED IT ?


Check out the comparison, of  how many people are responsive to the independent artists who books arranges and hosts his own shows. Clearly The Polystylez fan is more responsive.

146 people LIKED IT ?



How to reach MILLIONS and only TOUCH 5
While some of us are happy to make it into the Source magazine and get 5 mics, others are satisfied being featured as one of the 5 "Freshman", in a "who-got-next" magazine; as for the rest of us who are willing to do the work, our merits dont apply in the industry. Everyone knows now, that you can buy your web hits, and you can buy your followers. What you cant do is buy someones interest. There are unsigned artists, on facebook and twitter with more followers than Kanye West, and none of the followers know that they are following. So why is it important to reach your following organic? One reason is record executives (if you are going that route) know the difference between paid followers and organic. The truth is in the comments. A person who has real followers will get feedback in their comments. A person with paid followers will get SPAM. Instead of listening to your music, they will probably just order some weight loss pills in the link below. Meanwhile you are spending 19.99 a month when you could be putting a new microphone on lay-away, so you can get off auto-tunes. There is nothing more embarrasing than a bunch of followers on twitter that don't care about your existence. Have you ever set up an event on face book and invited thousands of people and only 12 people accept the invite, and 2 show up? (your mom and dad) ... That's how Fat Joe felt at B.B. kings LOL (I am a mess I KNOW) Now imagine yourself a baby shower- something people cared about; then invite nothing but friends and relatives. Before you know it, you will have an unbreakable following, even when the labels magazines, Djs and radio stations dont support you. That's the big difference between earned audience and BOUGHT audience, and they have them on every level of the game from Indie to major.

 So how do you have a name like WAKA FLOCKA and be succesful?

Obviously with a manager like Ms. DEBB, his mother who featured on LOVE and Hip HOP with her son, had the same platform as Joe Budden. The difference is Wacka Flocka and friends are beastly with the promotions, and his mother is a marketing genius. Proceeds from the show were donated to hurricane sandy victims, they took to twitter and face book PERSONALLY, with advertisments, and they werent busy charging people $400 DOLLARS for meet and greets. Meanwhile, people like 5o cent only had 19 likes at B.B. Kings, this past January 29th 2016 <--- check the link. Despite having a new vodka endorsment and being all in the papers for beefing with Meek mills, the only thing he has to sell his fans is a fading reputation. Fifty made a name for himself when he allegedly ended JaRules Career back in 2003, but ten years later, people wanted to hear those classic hits and his fan base was still strong. Performing at the same club, in Time Square on December 18th, 2013; JaRule pulled in 159 likes, while he was supposedly "irrelavant".


Just look at some of the other Embarassing acts from B.B. kings
Buy one bunch of daisies - get the second bunch at half price.
Everybody was here with their #I-phones to get photo opps, while he spent 30 minutes talking shit about #Irv_Gotti and #Meek_Mills with a bullet proof vest on. Mean while B.B. kings is probably counting up a few thousand, to pay him for this talentless spectacle that only 20 people liked. ((ALL THOSE PEOPLE WITH #I-PHONES IN THE AUDIENCE, AND THATS HOW MANY actually CARED ABOUT THE SHOW? )) too bad you cant sell Laziness on Itunes.



T.I. has a major show airing on VH1 and a hit song featuring the new ca$h money artist YOUNG THUG, and cant get 20 people to like his wack ass performance? At least fat Joe has an excuse.. #noSHADE

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PLEASE GO SUPPORT JOE BUDDEN at B.B.KINGs tonight... 6-13-2016
 LOL its his LAST performance and he will need the support!!

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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