What does it truly mean to love someone?

Love has no divisions, no parameters, no sexual indentations, no intentions, no boundaries, lovers usually have No lovers. Lusters Know no love. love is not undercover. To EVOLve is backwards love. Love cannot be fallen out of. Love was not meant to change. When you acheive loves foundation it is intended to sustain. Love knows no reimbursement or gain, and it does not fear pain. Love is a naked walk alone on the beach( LOVE has no shame). Love holds no grudges and love does not blame. Most people never meet love, bonded by emotional chains.


 How to defuse the bomb; when the fire has blown out!
When your woman is acting funny, and you all are not laughing together any more, generally there IS a problem. And it's your responsibility to figure it out. The silence is because they are not vocal. Although they are known for being so expressive, and men are coined as the ones, who are too in-sensitive to speak their minds. It's a myth. Women are always working on "fixing" you. You propably need to shave but you don't know it, and they wont say it. You might be low in funds, or had too many off days, again they're thinking ahead of you but they won't say it; And you think it's unneccesary to tell them about your paid sick days that you took out,(because she'd be thinking ahead of you again). If the romance is fairly new, the "honey moon is over" which means she hasn't known you long enough to realize she doesn't like the actual "you". (Just give her what she saw on the first date) Women are not in love with your good looks; Or your person; they are in love with the illusion, they want a fantasy. These creatures are romantics,[refer to beauty and the beast; a true story about the way all women think] meaning that whatever is a flaw can be changed. this is why no Man is out of a chance with a good woman, because they are all programmed to find a flaw and establish a diamond. Just be careful to not let them "fix" you, then the romance is over. and they will move on to the next "problem". So don't blow a gasket when they start acting stupid, because they never want to leave as long as you stay. They just want to "fix" you. Read their minds and allow them to make adjustments.
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