We all have ambitions to let our ART take off, but without money, it will go no where and math is the foundation. Even if you can afford an accountant or a tax manager, I encourage all artists to get familiar with the business side of their creativity. It is funamental to success.


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Attention Struggling artists and students.... please! do not run away from your debt, review the following tips and maintain a good name so you can financially support your goals.

Loan Calculator
Consolidate your debt, with the polystylez loan calculator
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The struggling artist usually has trouble getting "dough" in between jobs; here are some helpful solutions

Your job fired you? And the state denied your unemployment?
The unemployment appeal board
 1-888-209-8124 (its so easy)

Find a job!

Save your GOLD!

When your ACCOUNTANT is solving for "X" and you dont have the formula, expect the value to be "Zero"

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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