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The Winter collection 2006 (designs by Steffan Sylvers aka polystylez)



Kimyon Huggins



 WHO is Tela Hubbard ?
by: BE., Steffan Sylvers (The real Adonis)
I met Tela when I was around 20 years old (im still , she would always be doing art work outside of lenox mall in Atlanta. I stopped sometimes to give her a few dollars and she would just look at me with a soft but uninviting smile. This is when I realized she was NOT homeless,  but just passionate. And clearly she did not want to be bothered. Their would be droves of people passing by this corner on lenox, going to work or shopping. Some people would just stand around and watch her finish a piece; it was amazing, but noone would have a conversation. One day I begged her to come to an art show that I had hosted at the Atrium. It was like pulling teeth to get her to say "okay". It was on a tuesday night and promoted very poorly, so the audience was slim. Tela wasted no time gathering her things and going back to the prominent Buckhead, Atlanta location she was so comfortable with. Obviously she got more attention on the streets than in this quiet  little hole in the wall. But the location was not important. what you thought of her wasn't important. It was merely the comfortability of her environment as an artist that made her decisions and nothing can compromise that. More than 5 years later I would discover this myself being a street performer in New york city; what an artist was. Tela is still on the underground art scene somewhere but she is not crazy about your attention.

This is YURBY


Yurby actually discovered me on the train in the summer of  2011, while I was singing one of my folk songs on 14th street. She left me one of her business cards after listening to a few of my songs and i was not able to get in contact with her one way or another. So I posted her business information on my blog which reaches close to 1ooo subscribers. I consider it my gift to all the people who listen to me on the train. About a week later I ran into her at The Guitar center of all places, and she's like "you never called me". we shared info again and this time I stumbled across her information on my face book -blog, that I had posted weeks before. Now I have discovered she is a SKETCH ARTIST and painter. One of my favorite forms of ART, in addition to being a musician herself, and she modestly speaks. Visit her web site, read some of her lyrics and view some of her paintings.. a true prodigy and another part of my Bizzarre collection of favorites.

Meet Liz Marotti,
a mouthy young hipster from the NYC area, who loves to spend her time reading tarot cards and moving crystals around . When she is not feeding on energy and reflecting light that is kindred to her vibrant spirit, she spends the majority of her time painting beautiful artwork that comes from a dark place, into a great light. Her collection can most commonly be found sold on 14th street (union square), in Manhattan. We met for the first time when she was promoting an exhibit at the South Ferry terminal. Although I had seen her many times before in crossing, I had never stopped to say anything, outside of complimenting her work. To show you how small the world is she was interrupted in our first conversation by a mutual friend that I didn't know we had- He was just passing by as I was talking to her. Andre Futrell, was The first person I met in the New York club scene, as a DJ/promoter and producer- then called MOLECULEZ. He was at the Sin Sin night club where I used to hang out, and took a liking to my style quick. He used to call me "ATL" and showed me the hot spots, invited me to a few events & told me some of the inside secrets about being a promoter in New York City, how it was a hustle and there was little to no support. That was years before busking in the train. Almost 3 years later I find that brilliant minds think alike. He too, was also a friend and a fan of LIZ whom I had lost contact with that happened to  be passing by when I was talking to her.  We re-exchanged information, but just like most artists and promoters in NYC, you can never get attached too long. Time and money distanced me from both of them for a while. Until the third time crossing her, on a  a crowded bus. We had our first long conversation, and decided to do some collaborations together. Keep posted for new events.



I met you on the MTA new york
I don't have any fans like the ones I have in New York City, the ones that have given me their time, cash and momentos, supporting what I love to do. Among all of the people that I have come across, there are none like my friends on 14th street. These are the people I see everyday and they are the ones I value, the most... You mean so much to me; and always will.



I met you on the MTA






"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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