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"For the Love of You" film trailer

Tales from the tunnel
A play written by Troy Diana and James Valleti
Equity approved showcase
tickets available at


No country for old men was an awsesome film challenging the parameters of definity. When does right become wrong? and can it even be judged in a certain world of uncertainty. When death and justification are played like a game of sickbo.



Stage and theater auditions


This film (Farmageddon) is produced by Kristin Canty, who sais this will be her first and only project.


God of WAR
Such a funny movie... God of WAR, if you like Napoleon Dynamite, you might like this one

My name is Jerry

A Proper Violence
If you ever saw the movie "JUICE", you will love this movie with a Hill billie spin to the classic.

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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