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Legends of the LIVE
Celebrating my favorite artists while they are still alive.

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Also, if you Love RES, youi would love Miranda nicole.


The Niche Necropolis
This column was created for the Pioneers, who created something that never existed before they arrived; and in many cases too early did they die.
May they all R.I.P

Click on this link to see my live videos and down load my tribute song to Phoebe snow, "The poetry girl"

Rest in piece to a pioneer in great contemporary folk music, a polystylez favorite, whom I have done covers for on the MTA countless times; Phoebe snow, your time was short lived and you will always be loved.

Click here to read about more Masters of the ARTS, whom we may no longer share our time with on earth.


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Scott Hires

Yazmin Soul

JWEST (Cali Blue Eyes)

Hectic one (da backpacka)

Yatta (the FNTSY)

The Real Ramo

People I'm following

Ivan Ramos

DJ syntronik

Bomb Shelle!

Charles Rosario "The ORGANIC Hispanic"

King Lawz

J. Nolan

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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