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The Fragrance Review

Gucci guilty





Sean Jean Bubble goose winter jacket with a pair of Lime green shades from a vendor in Brooklyn,

the real adonis



The new way to rock a tie
Double strapped is the only way to wrap it these days. especially when you desire thickness... (were talking about ties!)
The problem for big and tall men is that you cannot often find a tie your size and if you do, it costs a neck and a sleeve to purchase. As a result Polystylez has come up with a solution for the fix. buy 2 ties and sandwich them together evenly; careful to make sure that they match. Then place the tie around your neck and double strap the collar so you have a thick shaft, leaving plenty of room to adjust the tie in the front for length.

So cute you could Just BITE IT.
Red wine and fashion
Netty shows you how you can have your pound$ and eat them too;top designer purses made into cakes

A Taste for Fashion

Anyone with a taste for fashion would be able to spot the knock off hand bags over the real ones. So what's the secret to this one? Do you think you can tell? Well Ms. Netty sais "The fake ones taste better". You might think this is a designer coach bag (picture above) But nothing could be further from the truth. The authenticity in this Coach bag is pure fluff (literally); fluffy vanilla cake with rich colorful icing. So which one would you prefer? "I'll take that in chocolate please!" does that answer your question? Read all about Ms. Netty and her sweet designs below.

Antoinette Redwine
Nettys cakes Atlanta

Fashion Tips

 Attention "Gangsters", wearing full blown pink is over now. polystylez was wearing pink outfits when it wasn't cool [1993]. Now it just looks like a trend that is over played. I dont even think Cameron is wearing ALL pink any more, It's embarrasing. Oh, and the tight pants?
 ....were not doing that.

  • Right now im rocking the white on white or black on black, shirt and tie- with a different color suit; and matching the shoes, with the shirt and tie.
  • Polka dots are back in polystyle and so are stripes and pin dot.
  • sweater vests and fleeces or anything popular at OLD NAVY is not in poly style.
  • And stop wearing those glasses with the ventilator shades, NOT poppin!


A remarkable pastry artist featured on our web page 2/7/2011 displaying beautiful cakes at sensible rates.

Producer and recording artist/ pioneer of the sober minds movement reflecting conscience hip hop and spoken word.

Producer/ music critic creator of sounds at Oneflow productions.

-Miranda Nicole
Singer, songwriter, activist

Cali Blue Eyes
Singer, song writer, entertainer

Alice Tan Ridley
R&B vocal extraordinaire/ subway singer & NY legend.


"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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