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Big trouble in a little place called Wilmington NC

The break down of a modern cup of coffee

The "Sweet Nothing" latte
"Can I get that with a pinch of bliss, some drops of jupiter, and a side of make believe"?
How do you really know if it's 2 %? And even if you could recognize the difference between 2% which is half whole milk and half skim milk, what health benefits really matter. And is the 2% tounge so special that you will know if they made a mistake and leaked into 3%? Soy has a taste about it and a health benefit. Breve is thicker and creamier, Skim is as low fat, but what is 2 %? other than a coffee order way of saying "I'm an arrogant prick with a detailed order"Its the drink that sais "Dont bother asking for my name, just put a big fat number 2 on the side of my cup".

As it turns out... getting in the music business isn't so hard after all... LOL

The blue print to becoming a female rapper

Read the bizarre, undignified, condescending stories of cruelty in the transit systems all across America, and how they prey on citizens with quality of life issues.

Conservative analysis VLOG
Oh no!... please dont burn me Mr. truth magnifier...

Does it really make a difference if your pants sag or not? and should they really make a law against it. I feel like this is basically an attack against urban culture. What makes this any different from Homophobia, if you are against something that has no affect on your personal life?

An interesting new development in politics is the law being put in place now forcing libraries to lift the filter that they have on certain materials i.e., porn, in local libraries. Protesters argue the first ammendment right. After all we do saterize China dont we? How much different are we.

"Identity Crisis"
Did you know that in order to discover your ancestry you are required to show proof of your relation, sometimes including your grandmothers social security number and birth certificate, in order for investigators to find a death certificate. why is it so hard to get a death dertificate but you can be any body with an address to recieve a birth certificate- when the birth certificate should be more important. Further more, if i can dig up all of these credentials, then what would I need an investigator for?

And it has become so difficult to obtain an ID hasn't it. First of all you haveto prove that you actually live some place...(so that excludes the homeless) Then you have to have a valid social security card and birth cirtificate (So orphans and run-aways can Suck off). But now it turns out... they dont want the original birth certificate with the Gold seal, they want the one that you have to order off the internet....and all you need is a residence and a credit card to get the re- order. To ad on to the drama, they want you to have a picture ID already. Why would I need a picture ID, if I already had one? Isn't that stupid? Or is it? are we now moving towards the height of capitalism with force, or is the government structure that we live under too stupid to correct flaws.

 Cash For Corpses
"The double standard we face while enjoying Mamal mutilation in America..."
Do we really care about dogs getting mutilated for sport?...or was this Michael Vick scandal another cover up for the government to get their tax money out of this beloved sport?
Did you think about those poor animals last christmas when you bought that cute little purse, MADE OUT OF LEATHER. Or maybe when you tried on that mink, a dead animal was the first thing that came to mind...?
 sure! So lets discuss the animals that are more endangerred then a bunch of useless, and overpopulated pitbulls and rock wilders that are expendable and dangerous to the environment anyway. What about the Rabbits bears and cheetah, wild life that we wear in adornment. What about the bear and the gator, when do they become off limits?
Oh and F.Y.I. PETA What about man kind; the precious children that bleed their hands out skinning and painting these goat and gator and snake made intities we accesorize with. before you start feeling sorry about the kentucky derby and boxing....get yor facts straight and quit worrying about a damn dog.

I love the BBC documentaries, this is one that changed my way of thinking about poverty... (available on you tube)

I found the above BBC documentary on you tube. I think it is deplorable that we live on an earth, containing humans so selfish that it creates an economy ANYWHERE, that forces a child to become a career criminal. WE ARE ALL TO BLAME.

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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