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"Don't enter up my EXIT"
It was January, the 27th, 2011. I was waiting on a bus in the down town district, of Wilmington NC. Locals were telling me that this could be the last bus, and it was either late or had already come. As soon as the bus pulls up, seeing from a distance i began to chase it. Another girl got on and the bus began to lift from the ground and make hissing noises like the driver was about to hit the gas. In a panicked rush, I began to spped up my walking as i leaped into the back door out of breath and made my way to the ticket box. the driver continued his excessive conversations with one of the last passengers as I anxiously awaited the moment I could ask him for a transfer, after I had already paid. As soon as the passenger finished talking, the lights dimmed and the doors closed as he turned aroun like the girl from the excorcist and asked rhetorically "I know you did not enter from the back". Not knowing how to respond to such an abrubt line of questioning, I began to look around for signs that I missed. "Yea he did" and older female passenger confirmed. "Don't ever let me see you getting on the back of the bus again", he slated as the bus got silent. Then suddenly it hit me like a rock on a tractor trailor, he was one of those older black men and may be it offended him after the whole Rosa parks deal. "I don't know what you're looking around for"? he then said. I couldn't help but to respond by mentioning that I saw no signs. "It doesnt matter, Im not going to explain it again". "Please dont", I added. "I got it the first three times; I just am having trouble believing that it's so serious to you, and if I offended you, I apologise". Then his face changed colors from light brown to red. "I take my job very serious, and you need to have a seat". Just at that moment I had another epiphany; I was on a reality show. I began to suck the food out of my teeh and make sure i was camera ready for the moment they all busted out laughing and told me to look in the camera. But there were only 3 people on the bus and noone thought it was funny. I bowed my head in utter disappointment that I was experiencing reality and not a reality show. "May I sit any where?" I asked precautiously. "Oh you want to start problems"? he suggested before he said "you sit any where you want". Finally the bus is in motion and all but silence and serenity has taken over; until the sound of the dispatcher comes on the intercom. "10-4 what seems to be the emergency?" a random voice speaks through the intercom. The sound of the bus drivers voice erupts again as he's weaving through traffic. "Yes I have a passenger on my bus who does not understand that he is supposed to come on through front door and not the back" there is a short silence and then the dispatcher sais "10- 4 please stand by" At this point I knew it was a hoax, they did something like this on "Candid Camera" before where the producers of the show acted like they were going to arrest the man for arguing about a dinner buffet at a restaurant only in this situaution, I wasn't even arguing and was apparently fortunate that the woman said "Is he sitting down now"? [like i was some kind of a threat] After confirming my mental stability she made her last words over the intercom "Just keep us on standby" "10-4" The driver replied as he starred me down through the rear view mirror. Shortly after a few stops the mystery womans voice said "Customers please be aware.... there is no eating, drinking, ...blah blah blah". And shortly there after I was off of the BUS.....WOOOOOOW, is this how we get down in the south. Now I see why so many black men are in prison. Just imagine what could've happened if I dared to argue the stupidity of his anger. I would have been doing time for entering the back of the

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