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Michael jackson has been a legend since the tender age of 5 years old. Even in his after life, this video proves that he was not just a living legend, but a constant. And nothing since his last breath on Earth, can merely contest. He is the God of showmanship, and the tell all /end all. Enjoy the entire selection, but please, enjoy him first.

Who isn't crazy about their home town? But Tina puts it down in a way that brings you up close and personal. It's just little old town called Nut Bush, but she brings a since of portrait.

Lynn Whitfield is one of the BEST, performance artists ever. During this scene in the movie theater I remember hearing people clap, as if we were watching this off Broadway (live). I turned around to see a room of women standing up some teary eyed, when she told Martin Lawrences character what a dog he was. Fall 2007 in New York city I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn whitfield in person while shopping on 14th street, NY. When I told her what a show she put on and how people were so amused she said "You made me feel so good". I was glad to had been able to tell her what I wish I could say to many moguls i look up to.

What more can be said? This heffer started rolling on the God-damned floor...[smmfh] In a last epic performance of her final song with the Blue bells.

Perhaps the greatest part about this performance is that she felt a comfort in the fact that they weren't recording... Or so she thought. Lauren Hill is aunotomically soulfull; but when she sings this song about the struggles she had beared in the years prior to it's making, it really puts a new spin on soul. It is a folk song in a way, but what makes this one bleed with intensity is her crying at the end.

This is one of the best retaliation responses in HIP HOP. Lady Saw encounters a clown in the audience, and watses no time ripping them a new one as the audience roars in applause over her instantaneos freestyle DISS.
 Lady SAW di OrigiynAL Rude GAL, Raunchy.

I always loved this seen where Tituba manipulates the puritans into beleiving she was truly posessed and needed the sanctity of the Lord to protect her from a nemesis that was inevitably to come. The tears, the begging for dear life. In this one scene and as the only black actor in the movie, she definately managed to steel the show.

Sometimes it is not what is said, BUT HOW IT IS DELIVERED. I think that is what separates poetry from spoken word artists, this is the first time I ever came to tears over someone telling my story. a black man, and his walk... ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES  I HAVE EVER BEEN MOVED BY.


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