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Based on the unreleased book "BLOOD THIRST"It is a game practiced by the indie elite. An underground society of rappers that are sworn to hold a covenant, the art of battle rapping at its best, in its worst. Every night there is a show down; a fight to make it to the top. some will be the boss and some will pay the cost. In a room full of emcees who have BLOOD THIRST!

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These are the rappers that preserve a very important part of hip hop history, lyrically they will mame you, rip you into pieces, chew you swallow you regurgitate your emotions and digest them again only for the purpose of defacting whats left. They are VILE, rabid, self destructive and ready to DIE...Battling would be suicide, these are the LIVE KILL

We round up the hottest, most popular or in demand Emcees all over the planet. Your job is to break down every detail about them until they are nothing but carcas. The people are real, the battles are typed in the comment boxes below, and when they are done...we store them in the ICEbox for a permanent page on 

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