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At first I was certain that T-rex had been anihalated by this guy DNA; although I have to give DNA his credit for being an ILL emcee, his only problem is that he came TOO hard, using all of his calculated metaphores and punch lines that were to witty to think of on the spot-Back to back; and it was obvious he came prepared with what he was going to say by using material from the past...It was way over kill. The simple fact that T rex responded to all of DNAs comments and planned antics makes him a GOAT right now. Still DNA is a BEAST. Respectfully this was a battle of the UN movable vs. the Unstoppable. But Trex wins by a hair follicle.

Buy one bunch of daisies - get the second bunch at half price. For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.


This entire video proves the theory behind how the greatest rappers are crowned. Rap artist Nov clearly destroys this guy, but look how hard it is to RIP ass on the mic, when your opponent has a title, and a reputation...


Clearly this guy NOV (from Jersey) anihalated a KING from the land of wackness. An artist identified by the name Artisan who apparently showed up to a battle with a group of supporters decided to show his confidence when he excepted a challenge from a battle rapper who was new to AHAT, a battle chat video network. After countless amounts of humiliation. The judges reluctantly decide to be honorable, and rightfully de-throne the rapper Artisan who had previously gained popularity. "Afro man", as they called the new comer who is better known as NOV, exits the building with victory. Watch how he slowly gains respect in a room full of strangers.
[NOV on the left Artisan on the right; battle location unidentified.]

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For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

This was like Malcolm X vs. AL Sharpton, the first guy was angry and militant and boring, while the second emcee (short guy) was comical, Expressive, but just as equally wack. the second emcee wins by default of humor. OVERALL[zzzzzz]

(Above) jessica Jaymes rips this 15 year old kid a new ass, but he deserves a little credit for being so young, she gives him a slap on the wrist this time, but no second chances youngin.

1. No physical contact, including but not limited to, head bumping, chest tapping, forehead mushing, etc.,

2. Excessive spitting (It doesnt have to be so slushy) Excessive cussing, its okay but it takes away from your intelligent points.

3. Reach for a gun or punch sombody because you know you are losing.
4. (The funniest thing) Please don't YELL in someones face... If your statement is nice, people will respond.
5. Dont interrupt peoples verse with side comments and antics, it's very immature.
6. If your white, dont say the "N"word... it's just not a good situation.
7. If you're black, dont say the "N" word too much... it looks pathetic.
8. Female rappers, dont talk about how good your p#$sy is...[It's a Battle]
9. Fellas, dont make up ficticious lines about how you Fc#KT your opponents Mother!!..common dawg, its over the top.
10. Don't say some shit you heard on a mix tape or use your own recycled material...Respond to your opponents statements.

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"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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