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Let's face it. I am a very unconventional kind of artist. My advertising is unique, my blog style, words, acronyms etc.-- I have my own dictionairy (kind of). In order for you to understand my uiniverse coming from basic-adia, It will require some intense education.... Welcome to my school Unlocking POLystylez, be sure to save the page.

In this video, learn everything about my front page and how to navigate through my online universe.


What I do is not easy. I schedule, manage and finance my own career with no 9 to 5 job . I am collaborating with many artists and publishing the experience online. How many people do you know that do exactly what they want to with no boss? I have dedicated my life to the arts and all of the people in it, supporting it, and building it. As far as the web site goes, I am experimenting, and it is always in the evolving process; I know it is slightly incomprehensible to the basic eye, or as one of my good friends said "a bunch of shit all over the place". Unfortunately, I am allergic to the mundane; Now I ask, how many people do you know with a popular blog/website- that is all about themselves. I dont prey on celebrity photos or video tape shinanigans. I am simply living my OWN life as it develops into an online saga. documenting what I see... a life of Underground arts, a struggling artist IN REAL LIFE,... as The Real DONIS 

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Watch POLY~stylez, The real ADONIS as he embraces a new journey in music, recording The HIT SONG "Minions" in the Lab with LORD ITILL. +PLUS+ deleted scenes from the recordings with DT productions on the song "Give me LOVE"

Watch my new production style courtesy of this is going to change the face of my video blogs forever.

Watch POLY~stylez, The real ADONIS as he embraces a new journey in music, recording The HIT SONG "Minions" in the Lab with LORD ITILL. +PLUS+ deleted scenes from the recordings with DT productions on the song "Give me LOVE"

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lord itill music
Planning to finish up classic with the homie lord itill... 3 singles on the way for 2014 ...its going to be an awesome year.
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The BEST REVIEW will be lacking one Awesome video now
On the BEST review page, one of my favorite videos did not show up... Turns out PRINCE has removed the Beautiful ones from You tube...smh and Note to Self (NTS) Don't ever be full of myself.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Be on the look out for my new BLOG, called "The shit LIST" ... and beleive me, it's big.
I haven't had the time in so long to be dealing with my haters and hated ons, but what many of them don't know is they dont go un forgotten. I file them into a little book that I call "the shit list" My n!99$ laugh when I am in the coffee shop and I pull out my bright yellow note book that has all these names and personal information in it. Cuz i dont f!@# around. If you ever see me pull out that book, you know what time it is, and NOW...I'm blasting mother fuckers on line.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recording 3 new songs for UMPC, Sweat magazine, and MINIONS releases on Labor day.

I am in the process of writing 3 new songs for UMPC, and negotiating management opportunities. Also, I am working on an editorial for the "SWEAT" blog, entitled "SWEAT" magazine. Together the LORD ITILL and I will be scouting for the bustiest sexiest and WETTEST female models for this "Sweat" themed article, intended to drive traffic to the web site and boost sales on I-tunes. (contact me for consideration ( My sun glasses collection will be available on line soon and dont forget about my new single "MINIONS" due for digital release this Labor day.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bike riding on Governors / recording new music
On May 27, I will be bike riding in governors island with a good friend of mine, and on wed the 30th (2 days following that) i will begin a new chapter in music with recording artist Andre Betts, in New Jersey. What style of music is undetermined.
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