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Requests by Dj Quest
HAY, i'M DJ quest, you may be familiar with me on face book or some of the comics I am featured on such as "BURNIN' WAX" and "Tracking POLYstylez". But anyone who knows the real Quincey Quest, knows that there is nothing closer to my heart than true hip hop music. I have become the spokesperson for underground and undiscovered rappers... so folllow me here and follow me on Twitter and Face book as I unleash a wrath of the DOPEST_hottest emcees, producers, and of course.... DJ's; THE INDUSTRY don't want no problems with.

The GOD of Independence (polystylez)

"When the record execs won't litsen, DJ's want incentives to spin it, distribution won't send it, And the labels want to shelf you until you get their permission"- POLYstylez,
The Non Dependent Review shows you how to WIN it.

The COST of an
One of the biggest down falls of the Independent artist is the unwillingness to collab but the desire to collide. Sometimes we have to share information, and even showcases in order to gain strength as a unit. Our enemy is the music industry. This notion is hard to apply when most hip hop artists are in the business of "EGO". So while you might have a million followers, noone is actually buying anything because they are waiting to celebrate your success and NOT the music. I feel like the same concept applies in the job industries, when people are surprised to find out that women get paid signifigantly less. Sometimes single men wont get as much as a married man, because we impower the corporations with our silence; letting our EGO's tell the story of pentions, and 401 k's that really dont exist. So while these rappers are bragging about expensive things they wish they had, the lie is paying the cost in the long run.



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"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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