Charles Rosario "The ORGANIC Hispanic"

the real adonis

VH1's inside the music (Come on Go!) Original track for Public Enemy 2005
Public Enemy "New Whirl Odor" 2005 Engineer
Drum Cafe: Travels with South African Drum troupe drumming as far off as Columbia for the president of Exxon
Sample CD "My beats weigh a ton" Producers Loop and sound kit 2005
Baby Newlove w/ Ryan Waters (Sade,Heavy Mojo) 2004
Kahryn's (2007 SEA Rnb album of the year nominee
Bellcurve (Engineer, Artist)
SongByrd Jackson (Engineer/Producer)
Sevens Latter (Lead singer/Writer)
The Horizon (Lead singer/Writer)
King Fatso (Producer/Lead singer) Drum&Bass, House and Breakbeat live act
Charley Mac 2005-2011




TRULY A FREE SPIRIT; Charles Rosario, also known as "The organic Hispanic"was taught to become a White Dragon, kung fu teacher, beginning age 9. Despite the influence of his families legacy he chose to walk his own path, leading to an incredible resume in music.  Charlie Mac recorded one of my first demo projects including "LOVE CHAMPION", which was dope but never finished...(it was sung to the rocky theme song-beat) the "POLYSTYLEZ anthem" which was then known as a song called "Verbal rabidity", a freestyle comparing how sick I was, to the disparity of a dead rodent (words have changed over time); And Some of my more controversial tracks "The Truth", and  "Sarah Syphilis" came later along, when he moved his studio from an art garage to a more homely environment, where I felt more comfortable with unleashing my inner strengths. It was then, I was honored to shake hands with professor Griff, whom I was told later appreciated my lyrical skills. although most of those tracks are now hard to find, Charley Mac keeps a tough archive. And even though he never produced a track for me, his production inspired me to evolve my style from ordinary to abstract, reinforcing my title as POLYstylez. View this channel to learn more about his sound.




The One Flow Fire (With Hook) by charley mac


Storm- Recking Shit by Storm Hennessey Black



Charley, stay focused, I'm with you till till the speakers blow out. 

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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