Have your cake and eat it too...



Swwweeet Dreams.
  Knock yourself dead, with this mouth watering, to die for, treat. Made by Ms. Netty; BKA, Antoinette redwine based out of Riverdale Georgia, who sais she just does this for a hobby. "I enjoy making cakes because you get to be expressive and creative. My cakes start at $40. It depends on how many people you want to feed and how much detail is on the cake".  Creating  so many delicious nouns, you would think this was a full time practice. Ms.Netty, better coined as "The cake boss of Georgia", Specializes in cakes with more incredibly artistic themes however. Careful not to tell you her secrets, she does confess, when questioned about baking two cake mixes  "the extra moist cakes don't support the fondant so I don't use them." One of her latest projects was creating a cake shaped as a european pillow; and it comes in three tiers. With great reviews. "just made me want to eat and then take a nap", sais Czap Nannette, a critic on her face book page. Nettys cakes are certainly a success.

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The mouth watering spring collection
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