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The REAL ADONIS interview

 MY Acoustic songs 
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I Met you on the MTA (face book fans)





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The opening music on this page can only be heard here, and is part of an exclusive album called "The STEEL lung collection" only made available to 8 collectors who own these exerts accompanied with my signature and original art work. You can request a dub copy of these rare recordings ONLY IF YOU ARE LISTED BELOW, by sending me an e-mail If you are not a member of the POLYnation or friend from the MTA, do not leave this page or the music will start back from the beginning.

I met you on the MTA new york
I don't have any fans like the ones I have in New York City, the ones that have given me their time, cash and momentos, supporting what I love to do. Among all of the people that I have come across, there are none like my friends on 14th street. These are the people I see everyday and they are the ones I value, the most... You mean so much to me; and always will.

If You saw me in the MTA, don't forget to sign my official MTA guest book ...
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Photos below taken by Linda Rosewarne.




Something familiar



August 2012 Working on a new album produced by Anthony Valez and a stream of first time, self produced you tube videos featuring acoustic covers, and a go-go/ house project through Rj Dj.

April 2012 - Be on the look out for a single called Chocolate Joy, releasing on the web site.

Greatest moments

  • When people tell me that I am the best singer they've ever heard in their lives.
  • One girl said "i've never not wanted the train to come before".
  • A crack head did the moon walk during one of my performances.
  • One woman told me she was going to jump in the train tracks, that evening and it was my song that made her want to live.
  • When people request my original songs: One of my first and youngest fans (around 17-20 years old) saw me on 14th street the day that I met Ivan Ramos for the first time; and said that he was performing covers of my song at his local open mic..

Acoustic soul sessions
I met you on the MTA

"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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