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Watch the Wilmington North Carolina DMV give me the "run around"; about NOT issuing an ID card, because it was issued from the welfare department in New York City.

FYI: North carolina is the same state that approved the legal documents for the 9-11 terrorists to enter the U.S. and it's the same state that allowed Robert rudolph to live as a fugitive in public, all those  years we thought he was hiding. And a state where an illegal immigrant can get food stamps now ....with NO PROOF of residency...? But I, get hassled around because my Birth certificate bares the golden seal and not theblue one. And my ID card dares to bare a "yankee" symbol? Something is really warped about our sense of protocol in America; and especially in the south. 

watch the video below

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"Your civil liberties are not to be contested in an oval office, but to be confronted everytime they are challenged no matter how big or small. Follow through or you will lose them all"...Brandon Sylvers

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