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Most of these agencies require a background in music but some are willing to open up the door. These oppurtunities are available for musicians of all types, because its behind the scenes you dont have to be young, sexy, or popular. Many people start a new career in TV and Film soundtracks when they pass a certain age. And some are just making it for the first time at 40 years old. There is room for everybody in the CAREER of music. SO DONT LOSE HOPE !!

Creative artist agency 
 [310] 288-4545

soundtrack music associates  
 [818] 382-3300

Evolution music partners 
 [310] 623-3388

First artist managment
   [818] 377-7750

The kaufman agency 

Garfaine/ schwarty agency
   [818] 260-8500

The Agency group ltd.   
 [310] 385-2800

Independent film projects

[underground artists who do sdk music]

Some of the following musicians have credits in the industry and some work as freelance artists, but they all specialize in music for film and television

Ben Rhue

Charles Rosario


Jo Cox


"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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