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The story behind why Shelle is so special to me!

I met Shelle (pronounced SHELLY) when I was a sophmore in Highschool. People would always talk about her so she was quite infamous; but not as popular as I thought. any one who knows me well knows that I always look for something odd about you before I find a "liking", and I absolutely hated people who were a part of a team or club. We met in a mutual class after school where I began to question her with a line of judgments. It was only after she divulged her conviction to the lord and how she was remaining a virgin that she became a subject of interest to me. I laughed so hard, not because of my distain for "christians" but because we went to a school where you could catch an STD from conversation.. AND SHE WAS PROUD TO BE A GOOD GIRL... I thought "this girl is either crazy, or a bold faced liar". Turns out she was crazy. Over the months to come I had realized that we lived in the same neighbor hood, and quite like myself, Nobody liked her. Eventually we  started catching the same bus to school. We sat all the way in the back every afternoon on the way home, AND OWNED BUS #551, often saterizing the sane and the sinners. Everyday was "happy hour" on the way home and we could always find something to talk about. Noone objected our conversations. Noone contested. But Shelle was often haunted by something a bit darker than I had evr dealt with. Shelle had a desire for approval by others, and it became a true testament to who she is today. Shelle was dating, possibly one of the most handsome boys in school. Tall, brown, athletic, friendly and popular. I used to regurgitate when she said they would get married. "Shelle he is not in to you", I said before the book came out. As it turned out, he was totally in to her when they were together and totally in to every one else when they were not. When she finally told me about their break up a year later I was proud to know that I WAS RIGHT....and that she was strong enough to break it off. But that wouldn't be the end of her battles with approval. During my senior year at the beginning of the school year everyone was voting for who they wanted to be home coming king and queen. Shelle insisted that I vote for her as the junior queen, claiming she deserved it. As disappointed as I was to know that she cared, I figured it made sense, because everybody knew who she was. As I sat back and thought of all the funny people to nominate... I could just hear the popular names fly by. Shelles name never came up. and I knew that no matter how many times she was nominated, she could never win because she just wasn't liked enough. Shelle and I spent time conversing about our interest in music back when I thought I was going to be signed with SONY records...LOL We came up with a hot song idea and I began the writing process. Soon she started hanging with uperclass men and people who were amused by her individuality and spunk, but chose to break her down negatively. Every day she was getting in confrontations, and fights. I would often ask "Where is the sweet little christian shelle I used to know that had such a bold take on challenging the norm"?. She was gone. Shelle had become the norm. Often we would get in arguments where I had to remind her who her true friends were. Chosing to stick it out with the friends that would constantly betray her. She had to learn the hard way. When I discovered Shelles dark side, that her environment had created, I wrote one of her first songs to channel her anger through. It became one of the biggest hits on her first Gospel album that she had recorded and been performing live since 2003. And with every storm, quiets the rain. She has now found herself in a comfortable place, with a real husband, family and friends. And all those Noramal bitches ask me about her on face book.



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