Yatta (the FNTSY)

 "Slapping Mutha fuckas wit money so they know just wat money feel like"- Yatta Ellis





Poly~stylez and Yatta the FNTSY- Ellis have known each other for over 15 years; attending the same high school as the famous pop singer Ciara, and many other local legends from Riverdale, such as  Walt Lawz, Kamali, Archie eversole and Shelle the "BOMB shelle". Not only is she a great poet and visual artist, but a dancer and a self made promoter. With the combination of skills she has in her back pocket, she  has definetely earned her place as a POLYstylez hall of famer.


A new rapper from Chicago rises to recognition in the south..
YATTA,THE fntsy 

The Fntsy better known as Yatta, has always been a boss. Embedding her mark in everything she does. Currently residing in Atlanta, she credits all of her SWAG to where she came from, originally  From the windy city (Chicago) she moved to the dirty south, where her reign would soon take place. Sporting a hoodie and a pair of timbaland boots while maintaing her sexy composure and commonly being compared to the styles of dabrat; she stands on her own ground. Although loyal to her PIMPING roots, Atlanta  is where her foundation is. Currently, Yatta is the mogul of an independent advertising company, that puts on the hottest shows in the city. She puts her entertainment dreams aside; Incorporating her talent as a poet, and a visual arts-dancer into her day to day life promoting companies that will take her to the next level.  






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"There is no such thing as artist development"- Polystylez.

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