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Rumors and Spoilers

Drita gets caught on camera FUDGING up a chick named Mary...LOL

Drita from Mob Wives fighting someone... Lee called Drita up to fight this woman.. Here's where it all started - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmmc7aQ6nog&feature=youtu.be

Posted by Joey Realitytvblog on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

K Michelle admits she is geting a butt REDUCTION.

YOU ARE NOT... The father?

Omarions baby

  The acrobatic performer Omarion did 5 back flips in the lobby of the hospital when he found out the baby was NOT his on saturday. Apryl was devastated. The baby is Mexican, and the first two sentences in this article are a complete fabrication; but According to theAfricaneye.com, Media takeout, just published an article, that implies Apryl and Omarion from "LOVE and HIP HOP" on VH1, are NOT getting married, because she refuses to take a paternity test, which was supposedly, provoked by Omarion's mother. Is she doing this to start more drama for the TV show, in order to increase ratings, or did she really have a good reason? And do you think they would all be thirsty enough for publicity that this whole thing could've been set up with him knowing it wasn't his? (Am I READING TOO MUCH in to this story?)  I guess a mothers intuition is always true "I do NOT like you" she told Apryl in a recent episode of the hit reality show. Personally, I won't say much on this because I like Omarion, but I will say this much, it is a cute looking "Mexican" baby. 

Dayumm Shawty... !

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The Queen of Shade sheds light on the Ellen show.

Was Phaedra Parks cheating on Apollo with a man named Chocolate? And did she know about the SCAMS Apollo was running on people's credit?
 According to drama queen Kenya Moore, Phaedra has jumped off the deep end to have an affair with a random man named Chocolate. And if anybody knows about whoring themselves, it would be Kenya wouldn't it? Kenya Moore has had a long history of dating men for money (or so it has been rumored). But we can't prove that anymore than we can say Phaedra was in on Apollos fraud skeems (no shade). On a season trailer for the upcoming  Atlanta house wives, that will supposedly not be featuring Porscha as much this year; Phaedra asks the question, who is mr Chocolate? and Kenya's crazy ass responds "the man you're sleeping with honey". Is it just me or has this bitch twirled around too much. She needs to get her balance back. If this didn't sound crazy enough, just guess where the infamous cliche- named, "Chocolate" character comes from.... Willy wanka was my first guess as well, but no; Kenya pulled this trick out of the same bag her OWN invisible man came from on the last season... AFRICA. And wasnt that the same place, porscha got her man Kenya? Well according to new sources, he is allegedly a white man. Will we find out on this new season of "The real house wives of Atlanta"?.

How you doin?

Was any of this ever actually true?






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