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When being a bitch goes WRONG

Omarosa puts the "Itch" in Bitch
Going down as the most irritating, uncomfortably- CORNY. wanna be a diva-ass-BITCH of all time.

Omaraso made a guest appearance thirsty for some publicity looking like a old hag, on LA hair, hoping that Kim Kimble, (the star of the show and the owner of a popular hair salon) was going to hook her up, with a bottle of "Jesus fix it".  But she started out her visit all wrong, when the lady asked her who she was. "Bitch you know who I am" she slighted for TV ratings obviously. But Omarosa let me read you 5 things different :



If she can live in her own reality, THE FACT IS... She walks into a room ready to sell controversey because she is not all that "smart", and the DRAMA is what she was branded to be. She didn't make it far enough in the white house, where it was  worth turning down an opportunity on the apprentice (which she failed at TWICE)  and clearly wasn't smart enough to see that  politics is a better brand of "smart" than fussing on TV. Ultimately she is a reality star -turned wanna be life coach to a person that made it famous doing the same thing, what can you teach Bethany OMA? And then after starting the conversation off saying that Bethany was mediocre, she tried to back peddle,  accusing Bethany of throwing shade, and wanting to turn it all around because she doesnt want to be "catty". Honestly I started to believe she was on meds after this episode... Bitch is cray cray! ANOTHER EPIC FAIL for Omarosa.


I have nothing to say about the  endless "READS" that Pierce just penetrated Omarosas soul with.
He just had his way with her... so funny!!

No matter what you do to avoid it. Omarosa will always find ways to push buttons, and that is the one single thing that takes away from her ability to be the "BITCH", that she wants to become.  She never realizes that people can see how thirsty she is for attention.  And it just makes her look like a COON. In the end, she never wins the battle.

So after Latoya Jackson becomes project manager, Omarosa instantly begins over talking and assigning roles- THEN IMPLYING THAT LATOYA IS NOT TAKING charge, when she was clearly taking over.  So when Latoya finally decides to assign serious roles( like Omarosa requested) she becomes upset because she wanted to be an actor in the project. And here I thought she didnt want a fundamental task as she expressed, Now all of a sudden she wants to be ab actor, saying that Latoya should know about her experience because she was on the fron cover of soap opera digest. ***NOBODY READS THAT OMA'**. So as responce of frustration she begins teasing Latoya by imitating Michael Jackson (her dead brother) singing "Beat it" which is a song that has nothing to do with Latoya. NOW YOU WOULD THINK, coming from someone who is preaching about knowing backgrounds...the least you could do is make a joke about something that pertains to Latoya,..LOL she is WAY MORE RELAVANT THAN OMAROSA -after all, but thats beside the point. OMAROSA once again embarrased herself as Latoya sat with class and dignity un abashed by the provocative shinanigans... Epic Fail OMA.



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Rumors and spoilers


When this interview started, the man known as  Rich Dollars, was so full of himself, and willing to tell the interviewer how her line of questioning should go, and who he was.  He was Brutally Blasted when a pair of authorities arrested the alleged "rich man" over non payment of child support. #whenBEINGaBITCHgoesWRONG

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