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Love and Hip hop

The Ups and Downs you didn't expect.

Despite there being many evil pawns in K. Michelle's court, she still managed to bite the head off of her own king and remain the last piece standing. She has truly become one of my favorite egos from the LOVE and Hip HOP franchise. And might I add that she actually can sing her ASS off, which is a rarity for people in this game (Im talking about her voice, not her REAL ASS- which is real by the way); perhaps that is what landed her a lucrative record contract, which she ironically seemed to have lost the opportunity of maintaining before. After having bouts with a man that physically assaulted her repetitively, according to K. Michelle, she was forced to walk away from her former label. Her ex, Memphis, who is now married to LIL waynes babies mama [messy] denies, having ever put his hands on her or abusing her at all. But he is not the only one who sais that K. is a liar; even bitches who were never in the relationship have taken sides on it (yea I said BITCHES). Tamar Braxton, who is good friends with T.I.'s wife, TINY- who used to have a TV show with the alleged womanizers wife named TOYA, are a trio made in heaven. They all are linked up together both business and professionally, and have all taken turns stabbing K. Michelle in the back (Tiny has managed to stay out of the public with nonscense). In October 2014, it was reported on "The Talk" that Tamar, who was a regular cast member of "The REAL" had taken her opinion about K. Michelle on twitter too far, making some nasty, unrelated comments about her life- and then acting as if she didnt know who K. Michelle was when questioned about her part in the on going war of words. K. Michelle begged Tamar to stop the "beef" so that she can go on with selling her album. But was Tamar mad that K. Michelle is on VH1? and celebrating her own show? Well these 3 girls werent K. Michelles only problem from Atlanta. She already had feuded with most of the characters from LOVE and HIP HOP, but things came to a head when her trusted friend "Rasheedah-THE BOSS", betrayed her on television, to her face by alleging that the abuse she received was a figment of her imagination. Rasheeda and her husband as well, have a long history with this guy "Memphis" who they considered to be a friend.
  One of K. Michelles proclivities that really gets the table shaking, is her loud and agressive behavior, packed with a funny one liner, every time she gets in an argument; this is what some say destroyed her reputation, (that and the colorful quick weaves). But does that excuse any alleged physical violence she accused videographer "Memphis" of executing. If you are having trouble deciding for yourself, just note that he is the creator of "Mistresses of Atlanta", a show about womanizing men and their sexual infedelities.  I really think K. is a force to be recognized, She has proven it and weathered the storm. #GOODBYE.



Season 1 Chrissy and Mr. Jim Jones :
They had no idea, a show centered around their lifes controversy would no longer be their own.

Who can forget the Fist-firing, first lady of Love and Hip hop? Wife of Jim Jones Christy, made history with her Mayweather punch that she delivered to Kimbella (juelz santanas girlfriend) with a TKO in the first round, on the first season of this show; after finding out that Kimbella had a previous love fling with rapper Fabolous. Fab was dating Christies best friend at the time. During this part of Love and Hip hop history it was not common to be seeing fights everyday, nor was it really even about rappers at all. But things would take an unexpected turn after this season was finished. Christy thought the show was called "Christy" and the truth is, the show was about everyone else but Christy. We were caught up in Jim jones' charasmatic mother and her personal life, Olivia and her new album while feuding with rapper Samaya, Yandi Smith and her relationship with JIM; and not to mention, Erica Mena, when she was introduced to the show as a side character that became the star of the show on her first episode. Christy refused to do a reunion show, accusing the producers of being shady which lead to the down fall of her career on television. And even though she was given a chance to come back, noone cared about the life of her and Jim jones without the drama. Sadly to say NOBODY MISSED HER At all. She was abusive, and severly controlling, uneasy on the eye, and disrespectful to Jims mother, causing her to be one of the most hated characters ever. 





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