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I was just scrolling down posts on Facebook.com and came across something that blew my mind. This chick from the Atlanta house wives show has earned my official "GIRL BYE" award of the year, for her racist comment about her own people, that she made at a friends party, she was supposed to be supporting in 2006. The Chicago defender released the video and it has since been shown publicly all over the internet. The infamous Claudia Jordan slighted that she doesnt usually attend these type of events, and then further mitigates her friend by implying the party theme of an "all black" event,  was a bad idea, because all she could see was eyes and teeth. When the mouthy vixen fired off on face book, towards THE REAL ADONIS;( responding to MY rant) I issued her a lifetime subscription to my "READERS DIGEST" club, you be the judge and tell me if it was the ultimate READ.



Bad girls club Rima had a whole season to claim her position as the baddest bitch, on season 9; the first time the show aired out of the country in Mexico. This season featured the most grusome bitches in history such as Meghan james, Christina Salgado, and Erica, who made history by dancing with her ASS in Rimas face quoting the tag line "I dont understand". Well that was the same thing Tanisha thought, after watching the queen of weak sauce jump up, and attack JUDI on her return to television in the first Redemption show's reunion on Oxygen after only appearing for 3 episodes as Judis replacement, giving Rima about two weeks before the reunion to develop a twitter beef with a girl she never met in person. BGC royalty, Judi was introduced to the stage by hostess-"the mostess" Tanisha Thomas, following a round of appplause by the audience, and after twirling around a few times, doing her normal voodoo antics, Rima decided to catch Judi off guard as she turned her back to have a seat. Embarrasingly this ended with Rimas tracks in the palm of Judis hands. And can it get any worst for the Mom of a almost 12 year old; who featured her son on the show crying for her to come home on the phone while she twirked on stage flashing liquor up her thong? While other girls this season used a new element, Dr. Laura, the tv shows new life coach, to help them find issues they were trying to improve; Rima chose the TV shows theme "REDEMPTION" to be used as a platform to revive her tough side--AND FAILED, TO jUDI?.. horribly LOL.

Rima..,???  on season  9 you sat on the couch silent as a mouse and befriended JULIE who said you stink and don't shower, after being abused and threatened by girls sitting right across from you. Christina who beat you up 3 times, and ERICA, who danced in your face, and called you a bad mother and mopped the floor with you, on her way home. and Meghan who body slammed you all over the hallway (alone, and with 3 people). And the first time you see Judi in person you get your ass RE-handed to you- AGAIN?. Atleast all the other weak girls, were jumped by 3 ppl or sent packing on the third day- and forgotten about THE SHAME BY NOW. But you have begged to be on TV to embarrass yourself on multiple levels OVER and OVER again... YOU are the wackest in history RIMA, your old as the Rosetta stone, you have a kid the size of a christmas tree. And you should be ashamed of your life. 


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