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Monday, April 18, 2016

Just added 3 New songs to my archive, in SONG BLOGS soon
I am working on a song called "what makes you lonely" with Anders Link , and I have just published the long awaited "Love unconditional" ,  "You may not want it" and the rap song "chips... more coming soon
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Meeting Anders #imetyouontheMTA (anders link)

#imetyou onthe MTA

Met another friend  in passing the other day (Anders link) I noticed him traveling with a fellow busker who I have never recorded on my MTA BLOG yet, but I heard the guy and he was amazing. His friend Anders gave me his business card and I listened to a few sound clouds and history is made again. So I will be going back to the future soon to co-create something which is a pre historic classic, in the form of an afro punk- Pop beat. (stay tuned)

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Friday, April 17, 2015

I started a GO FUND ME ACCT

 I would like to thank MY LONG TIME FAN cHARLOTTE dEVOE WHO I LOVE. She suppported me with a friendly donation of $100 dollars. I would have to pull teeth to get that out of someone who I am kin to. The fans mean everything to me now (BUT NOT THE STALKERS)

Way Before her donation Charlotte has been the type to LIKE what she truly likes and give comments and feed back, but then when I post something she doesnt like (i can tell) she wont say anything , and to me thats a real team player... She is not liking up a storm just to get my approval but at the same time she will share and support the things that she DOES like. She never swamps my page, she doesnt harrass other followers and Charlotte ...I LOVE YOU... (thats all)

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

How do you know me in person, if you stay ONLINE?

One of my favorite things in life... is the look on your face when you found out I was no BITCH nigga (in person). To be completely honest, I take pride in watching you squirm for the answers that I will never tell.

I was addressed by someone publicly who I see in the train sometimes, and she said "you are nothing like you are online-when I see you in person" So I was like "do you want me to be "? The cat caught her tongue  before she was like "Well.. yea" So I told her to "go to polystylez.com, and leave a fucking comment-- How else would you get to know me -". I proceeded to order my drink and she watched me in silence for about 2 awkward (real life ) minutes and then left... I guess its better online.

 You spend hours watching me online,  and dont leave a comment in the guest book, but you want me to kiss your ass for 4 seconds in REAL LIFE...?? FUCK OFF!!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My interview with Devon Hurdle
so last week I was in the train singing and a guy who does radio at brooklyn college said that he wanted to interview me, some time passed no contact, and I forgot about it. Well last night i checked my messages at the right time and so its on TODAy.... if it was epic< i will elaborate!! and i promise to start blogging more... (shout out to mary and charlotte for encouraging my updates)
9:29 am est          Comments

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