...as the real ADONIS

Death Reform VOL 1

You are listening to "The medical technoloGYST"  for the Death REFORM  preoject


The medical technoloigist is about a method... Bringing procedure back to Rap music. Much like the medical profession. you will not be able to correct any illness or perform any type of surgery without a proper method. My purpose for this song is to reconstruct the style in which we design and honor rap music which frankly should consist of more words and  less "STREET CREDIT". It doesn't matter if the message is negative or not, It  is the craft in it's delivery. Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing emees down to feed them a spoon full of medicine just to give them the cure. I am too busy mastering other genres of music to maintain my royalty part time; we need leaders. So with blunt force, it's a reminder that Lyricism is an art that WILL BE RESPECTED, and I am hip hops Obama care.

Produced by Bairut productions

The main system
I serve as the culprit and the victim
qucik to dislocate your beleifs into oblivionism
the paradoxic
im filling them with lines of toxic
lyrical archives
known for pushing heat into hard drives
slipping viruses in your frame like wind flowing through harmonicas
All sworts of un broken codes and signs decepting your monitor
the symptom showing that im the synopsis of you thinking hard enough
give you the diagnosis of my venomous  gothica
ayo my flow is expensive  to listen to so im docking ya
stack the paper up and make it thick if you want me to spit.
I got extensive dimentions of flows that leave you invalid
 who wanna fuck around with my technological skills
 that put you in intensive units when my logic spills
 a wrinkle in my brain is worth more than hip hop on the real
Scavengers will scatter my stains for a tape of what I gotta say
 late breaking news that can surpress your addiction bring down your rage
my spit produces consumert needs of a fix like cocaine
 the lyricy be something that of king james mother fuckers gotta study proverbs on every page
 real quick read my genesis out loud and repent
submit your soul to my biblical structure as I dement
Rather you like it or not ... this shit is about to happen.
The medical technologist up in this bitch (repeat as many times as needed)
I got street doctors switching over to my therapuetical styles
remain deciples of my prophecies set the off in the wild
 which doctor
keep cases of strange sitings like the x files
my research can duplicate the structure technology takes out
The extinction occurs when I form the re-birth
through out the cycle everthing always remains endangered
like the alpha omega
to lose it all you gotta gain a whole lot
I got the most if its the last grain left in the pot
get rid of the comfort zone tactics and stick to something that works
come off that morphine son, express your pain if it HURTS.
its common scense, the pain free cure is getting that ass merked
Rather you like it or not ... this shit is about to happen.
The medical technologist up in this bitch (repeat as many times as needed)