...as the real ADONIS

Love Casualty

Recorded in the summer of 2004 in Alpharetta GA with co producer JOE COX aka Hectic dabackpACKA ONE.  


This was my first digital recording where I played around on the MPC; giving birth to a beautiful disaster after Joe (hectic) had already layed down the foundation with the drums (I dont do drums). I started out playing the piano and accidentally flipped the switch to some synthesized sound and created what we now know as "BLOOD ON THE SWORD OF LOVE". I wanted to rap to it and then i said..."no this beat is bigger than rap". So I sang an untitled song for years, and have recently come to the finalization "love Casualty" as the title of this lyric.

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Later on I heard the song "Flashing lights" from Kanye west and I was HOT!...cuz It sounded like the same instrumentation was used, but then I realized it wasn't and mine was better.LOL

The song is talking about how two people can love one another so much that their love can no longer grow. So it becomes this sexual weapon that is used for leverage when one trys to get away. (The symbolism behind me being a sinsae to my lover is that I tought her how to use love in a painful way and it became a double edged sword.) Bloody and wounded we always go back, because no one else can make us feel this way (bad or good).