...as the real ADONIS

Unique Satisfaction



Recorded in real time (summer 2004) for an album called audio porn, that never was finished so it turned into a single. (vintage track)


This song studies the depth behind supreme eroticism, and the focus on four play. Suggesting the thoughts that play in a mind of a sadist as he watches his lover plea for climax.


This is one of my favorite babies produced off of a Yamaha key board, with a reggae drum pattern, very simple beat as I prefer them. An interesting fact about this song is that it was recorded live with no metranome so it can never be redone the same way again, and every stroke of the keys were spiratically timed which made the piece signifigant... and even if one mastered the timing that I came in on every bar, the original instrumentation is lost in storage any way, so there is no master copy.


I love this song because it was such an experiment to me in both the recording and writing process. Despite its lack of lyrical, musical and vocal capacity- which would usually be shamefull to me. The concept which it was built on has a "unique" delivery that replaces its musical notariety, Once so hated; it has become one of my favorite treasures.

A subject of your neglegence, you treat me like I'm a peasant.
I'll cut myself for your attention.
In lust with your divinity
I crave for the simplicity
of your skins aquaintance
wanted for infinity
but your not at all interested or into me it seems...
I'll sex you shameless.
You gotta keep on holding on
cause I cant promise you this feeling
and girl its not gon last for long
so please dont let your body give in
you gotta wait until its strong
and then you gotta hold on to the feeling
baby just dont let it go
cause im just like a gummy bear thats sinking in a cup of honey
A serpent killing softly in this pink little bunny
anticipation and aggrevation for more than 30 minutes.
The moment you get to leave your long awaited meeting with the senate
hoping you start to lose your breath in a dreary sweat when I touch your legs and caress your neck
I just want to make you beg and teach you respect, and patience, while inside panting.
Your lips start asking me questions, and you start chanting... I know you can sing
finally you win the lottery but you kind of didn't
you should've played that lucky number but you stay quitting
im like a sore on the lip you gotta keep sucking at it
Unique satisfaction.!

Crappy production, un mixed, un edited, recorded in real time, LOST track- still one of my favorite songs.... I LOVE IT

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