...as the real ADONIS

young 21 and full of....


/Written by POLYstylez
/Recorded 2005
/Copy right 2005-2012


Meet the man behind the classic hook:
 " So I saw dis girl widda attitude and I lookt at her/said she was Kinda rude so askt for a piiny and a couple of dimes; she said you are no friend of mine"

This was recorded the same morning that I started work on "Unique satisfaction". I always record live in piano, guitar, key board or whatever. To me it is about experimenting with sound and finding what you like. Unfortunately to JOE COX, my super producer at the time, he thought it was all about the MPC...(which I hate) So he starts clowning me because all of my notes dont "hit". Then the N!@# starts tryin to joke on my production skills, which are not great, but I dont like everything clean. So he starts talkin shit like "Man that sounds like it should've been out in the 80's" and I was like "Oh word?!" So as he clowns around saying a random freestyle in the form of an 80's rapper, I pressed the record button and that became the hook. And as a form of pay back I turned it into a song and featured him on my wack @$$ track. Never at the time realizing how relavant it would be to pop culture. I included it on the young Dumb and 21 album which was a hip hop comedy experiment including, such songs as "Simple Man", "The Rent is due", "Sarah Syphilis", "Said I was a poet" and many others that never made the cut.

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