...as the real ADONIS

Jasmine in the winter snow




This was a part of my attempt to do a "neo soul" album, including "Another weekend" and "the simple man", But after 2 different versions of the song which I didn't like; I canned it ...plus the original song was about an STD.  (seriously), and the meaning of it just meant more to me than this "LOVE song" did. BUT...due to popular demand I was forced to revive the remaining scraps of the remake...and all I found was the un mixed, un ediited, version of this song, So now it remains, a horribly re- written, karaoke sounding CLASSIC! (This song expresses the appreciation of a dark skinned womans love, compared to jasmine in the winter snow)

Jasmine in the winter snow

The passion burning through my soul ….

the diamond life that’s still a, coal yea- you’re those

chocolate kisses sealed in gold -and a, timeless treasure that never gets old...

My thirst craves for the taste of your, love.

I’d sell my skin to you for your endless hugs…

You’re my bronze love, and my caramel covered honey dove…


Jasmine in the winter snow

You’re like the summer grass that never grows

I just wanna plant my seeds and let you watch them grow with me…


Sometimes I wish you weren’t alive so I wouldn’t have to see your precious eyes

How pathetic can I be I’d drink the wine your body bleeds

I wanna give you a thousand of my seeds

So you can watch them grow with me                                                                                     

My chocolate butter cup, this must be some other love…

/Written by POLYstylez
/Recorded 2004
/Copy right 2003-2011