...as the real ADONIS

Something familiar


She never knew my name
She never had many words to say
and she would always turn the other way
One day she knew my name and asked me where I been and gently kissed my face and it felt like ...
And I... never felt anything like this... bliss in all my life.
And I ...never ever felt anything/ nothing like this bliss
Its like I never made the grade, and I never won anything first place
and I always showed up to class to late and turned in the essay late
When report cards came you shouldve saw my face... I think I made an A.

This recording was produced in the fall of 2010 by a guy named Cecil, who is very talented, in both photography and sound engineering, more of his work can be seen on my profile page. Cecil also directed  a photo shoot I have listed as "The Green scene" that was taken in union square park on 14th street.

Something familiar (short version)

Photo taken by Cecil

Written by POLYstylez (The real ADONIS)
/Produced by polystylez
/Copy right 1998-2012

This song started out as a moving pebble and evolved into a rolling stone. It was inspired by a piece I had written on the piano called "Bliss". The concept was designed around the feeling that woman have, during sexual intercourse. translated into my interpretation by sound where I would moan in the High C note. I wrote that song in 1998 when I was very young, so when I first started singing in the MTA, New york, I created a new instrumentation for it on the guitar. Then a singer known as "THE DREAM" came out with an explosive hit single that basically had the same theme. At first I was a hater, then I fell in love with his song...so I COULDN'T sing mine the same way any more. I changed the words but the melody is the same, and overtime I realized my new lyrics relate to a broader audience now. It became, "something familiar" and now talks about the feeling of bliss, that we all have in us, when we are exhilarated about something sexual or not.

Cecil Recordings

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Something familiar

 "F'n on the V line" 

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