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Featured song is "OUT OF BOUNDS"

The REAL ADONIS for the HUMAN SEX TOY project
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The introduction song on this page is called "OUT OF BOUNDS" scroll down to view a complete track listing of the songs on this digital exploration.

This album started its production in early 2010 and will be an ongoing internet exploration. It is the first body of work I created that truly has no boundaries in its sound. Being an artist of multiplicity (poly), the sound(s) is/are Inspired by the techniques of Techno, Electronic and house music. One thing that all songs have in relation is there sexually erotic innuendos.  See if you can distinguish where and how these real life sex noises were created and compressed on an audio mixed tape for your musical pleasure. AND YOU CAN ONLY EXPERIENCE THE SOUND RIGHT HERE!

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Polystylez presents... The online Mixed tape "HUMAN SEX TOY" produced by FANS, and members of the POLYNation, made exclusively for  internet and can only be heard at polystylez.com.

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"Out of Bounds"



"The panty Line"

"The Climax"

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Music is the universal language. Every sound is an instrument that emotes fear, love, joy, and sadness... The Human Sex toy celebrtes the first instrument through sounds of sex.

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