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NEW YORK- Summer- 2016
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Edmund Sylvers from the family music group; known as The Sylvers II, who toured with The Osmonds, and were commonly compared to The Jackson 5ive, will be playing LIVE at Silvana in a few weeks. The singer/ songwriter known as The Real Adonis takes much pride in his own work but honors his fathers legacy as well. This will be his first show entitled "The Real Adonis LIVEat silvana". Edmunds son has previously played at The Hard rock cafe and BB kings blues club, and usually doesnt play small venues. As he has matured, he realizes it's not about the venue its about the show. Usually opting to avoid open mics or any other form of pay-to-play opportunities, he modestly sings in the Mta Subway 6 Avenue-14Th Street (F/L/1/2/3)Trains regularly for the last 10 years. He takes pride in being a local subway singer, claiming it pays little, but better than a regular gig. So why do music?

"I'm not going to get rich from mentioning his name" sais The Real Adonis also known as POLYstylez. "One thing I do know is that it will always come up, and I dont want to appear to be hiding it- if this is all I do. Music is a religion to me, I have allowed it to be hidden for many years and I will never do that again. I have about 12 siblings as well and I know that many of them do music, I try to encourage the same thing, that we honor our fathers legacy, even though he can't build ours"
if you miss this show on 6/6/16 at 6pm you can catch POLY~stylez, The REAL Adonis as he makes his Return to the Shrine, on june 13th (the following monday) he will be performing with singer songwriter Ryzen Sun at The Shrine NYC, show starting at the same time (6 pm sharp) featuring the musical stylings of Gods Urban warrior Nation. and get more of The Real Adonis Music at www.therealadonis.com

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   I was invited and payed to perform at a wonderful celebrity dinner in the summer of 2011 and this is what the invitation letter said: To our guests for tomorrow evening: We welcome you to a culinary adventure and thank you for joining us! The details for tomorrow are as follows: 15 Gold Street at Platt in the Financial District 8pm arrival 8:30pm seating The bar will be open to the public for small snacks and cash bar. Feel free to invite your friends to join us for just a drink. We look forward to meeting and hosting everyone at tomorrow night's dinner. All the best, Lelaine and Camille.

So I arrived with my guitar, and I was treated like a celebrity by the staff members for 2 mins, until they realized how unimportant I was LOL. I checked a few messages and started day dreaming into the decorations and furniture, had a conversation with some guy that thought he was Paul Mcartney (ZZZzzzz!) met a celebrity dentist for cosmetics, then had a couple of drinks. They served appetizers and delicious apple flavored liquor. And then we had a medely of delicious entres, all prepared by Celebrity chef Chamile, and it was AWESOME... She used very simple foods to make creative appetizers and one of my favorites was a watermelon/ Black olive dish she put together. So after the meal was over I found out it was her birthday, and I ended my performance with a birthday song, which you will have to watch her reality show to see. It was so special, I was received well by her audience and it was over all one of my favorite gigs.