...as the real ADONIS

The Arrow Man


Photo taken by CECIL

Written by POLYstylez (The real ADONIS)
/Produced by polystylez
/Copy right 1998-2012

I always find humor in people that genaralize humanity by virtue of zodiac signs. This song was created in honor of all the sagitarius people in the world who get rediculed by the "nice " people who deem us as "evil". We are not a group of people who are told what to do...(supposedly). And we are not followers (allegedly), and because of that we are considered difficult. As I maintain my position as a non beleiver, I celebrate in the glory in which the people of December represent.


Watch out for the arrow man
you know they say he's half human half beast
I heard he thinks like an elephant hes got an empecable memory
I heard hes a cunt and hes arrogant
hes got a fuckt up personality
hes the arrow man
 and when he shoots he aims to kill
never will he bow to anyones defeat
and if you cross the arrow man
im afraid for you
he gallops on a narrow land
somewhere in the world of in between
hes the arrow man
and hes so vein and vindictive
and he loves the attention (all that he can get)
living in a world of Misery... Hes the arrow man.
and when he shoots he aims to kill
never will he bow to anyones defeat
and once you cross the arrow man
it's just too late for you 
Vengiance is ETERNITY!

Written by POLYstylez (The real ADONIS) 
/Produced by polystylez
/Recorded by Cecil in 2010
/Copy right 2009-2012

"My dream for this song is that some day it makes the cut on a James Bond sound track"

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