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Un resolved


Photo taken by Cecil

Born in the fall 2009, This song was never written, recorded or titled at all, until recently. It had become a lyric that was sang only in my mind, and shared with my friends/fans of the subway system of New York exclusively. One day when I was practicing new melodies on the train, I started to improv (I had become very good with telling stories from the heart). This time I remembered each line and played the song over so much that it became a constant in my regular line up of songs in the subway. Sometimes I would forget what the last verse was so I would create a new one, which resulted in the songs endless continuity. The song had about 9 verses, that I would just add on or replace incase I lost my train of thought.... It became so redundant I couldnt create an ending to it, so I would just have to end it abrubtly where I felt like it should end. Finally I had managed to combine the best parts of the song into a solid 2 verses, but the ending was still a mystery and I dont like to force my songs to be a certain way. One day when I recorded this piece with Cecil, he asked me what the name is; and I didnt have one. After recording it, he said something to me I will never forget... "I like it, you leave the song unresolved", he said; (referring to the musical component). But as I began to analyze the meaning of the song, lyrically (which was still untitled at this point) his comment actually desribed the meaning that I could never put in words till that day. and I told him "Thats it". He said "what"?... I said, "you just named the song, I will call it "Unresolved". As the song talks about a relationship that goes  unresolved, it also ends on an unresolved note.

I just dont think.... I really don't beleive
that youd ever get along with me...
How you doin'? its been a long, long time
I hope everything is peachy keen
I been doing a little self improving and i wrote a long rhyme
you gotta be the prettiest thing I'd ever saw
and possibly the prettiest thing I'd ever LOST.
But i just dont think we'd ever get along.
Maybe if this were back in high school
and I wasnt such a shy and quaint un-popular dude;
you wouldnt have been so rude to me
I could've went to the prom with you and everything...
and you seem to be intelectually coming along
and usually you never conversate this long
and I love the way the new you has come across
but I still dont think we'd get along... (your just not the one for me)
And yes most recently I received your friendship request, on the internet
its come a little late unfortunately, yes
You almost put me in a state of cardiac arrest
when I uploaded those pictures and ...
your perfect skin , your perfect hairyour matching teeth.
and since when'd you get double d's
Although its quite amusing and my body parts are so impressed... I really am intrigued
thats just not enough for me...
OOOooh and you got to be cut out from a barbie doll and possibly the prettiest thing I ever saw
i just dont think we'd ever get along!
But thanks again/ so long; IM SURE YOU WONT LOSE ANY SLEEP!

Written by POLYstylez (The real ADONIS) 
/Produced by polystylez
/Recorded by Cecil in 2010
/Copy right 2009-2012

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Written by POLYstylez (The real ADONIS)
/Produced by polystylez
/Recorded by Cecil in 2010
/Copy right 2009-2012

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