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The bummble be represents the power of POLY'nation (my activist group) we stand for living and let living, give every flower a chance to grow without the poisons of Tradition, religion and lust. Every project I do is constantly evolving or else it is dead....When a flower is fully grown it has reached death...and Im changing the definition of growth.


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I spent some time with a good friend the other day and she told me something that I remembered my aunt said before;"sometimes you have to let people let you"- which I am sure has been said by someone else in the past, but just had to come from the right person.... [save this page in your favorites, for updates on this article]

The real adonis in the garden

When you are creative at many things; It is impossible to accept a classification; POLYstylez



I once fell in love with a rubber, skinned, helium made soul. I watched as it drift off into the sky. I had just turned 8 years old, and for the first time, separated without a goodbye.

I thought my new love had gone through the worst, as I witnessed her physical state shatter and burst. And my peripheral said that the tender neon peelings were all that remained, with my tears of non closure, leaking out from the pain. With age I have over come the illusion of hurt. Watching flesh after flesh, go back in the dirt. And even now as I drown, making my way to the top. I worry for the fish when my Mer-man pops.



The universe knows exactly where you belong!

"Bumble bees are rarely a problem when in close proximity to humans. They will actually (in most cases) go out of their way to avoid human contact. Bumble bees will, however, defend themselves if they sense that they are cornered and cannot escape. Most of the time they will fly away from danger but will sting if they are under duress."-http://www.pestproducts.com/bumble-bees.htm

The Bummble BE is the least threatened being on the planet, with it's only true enemy being the skunk, it's free spirit may wander through any territory safely.



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Posted by Adonis Steffan Sylvers on Saturday, February 7, 2015