...as the real ADONIS

VINTAGE collection

I beleive that music [and LIFE] should be enjoyed in various different styles; that is what I live for.  I am very UN ashamed of music that I have recorded in the train tunnels, or in the studio, where there was a bad mix or low quality production. I encourage taping yourself while the shower is running. I even enjoy those who choose to use auto tunes. But I am the best male singer of my time and I dont need auto tunes to prove that, or American Idol, or someones response on a youtube video, or my modesty, or a plaque on the shelf. I am not interested in being a perfect public figure and what I do and say absolutely does NOT define me- because I am bigger than music anyway (as you will come to find exploring my website) . So when you see that I am on some "next shit"... dont hate. With respects to song writing and instrumentalism, I beleive that copy rights are for the most part a product of capitalism. Although I have copywritten songs and published them myself; and enjoy the idea of getting money in the future... STILL my music is like a child slowly growing into an adult, so they are never finished.  Some of the songs that I have recorded have been in 3 or 4 different formats and some of them have numerous verses, some with no chorus, some are untitled.. Done over with different beats, used as poems..."DON'T TELL ME HOW TO BE AN ARTIST" but DO... leave your comments below, thankyou!

The following songs are available on a collectors album, limited to a few people, and are not available for audio sales or down loads, But you can visit this page at any time to listen to these timeless treasures that at one point made it to the "RECYCLE BIN"; recorded by The Real ADONIS.

Love Casualty


Simple Man


young 21 and full of....


Unique Satisfaction


She swallows gum


Recordings with DT productions

"Sweet NOTHINGS" [An original]


Just messing around at the guitar center...i was actually singing the piano version of my old song "LOVE CASUALTY"

These songs are a part of the "Beautiful savage" collection, which is a compilation of my favorite UNconventional, tracks. If you are a producer who wants to re create the magic of these songs or collaborate on an evolved edition, call me at (678) 468-6965, ASK FOR polySTYLEZ OR tHE REAL adonis