...as the real ADONIS

Definitions by the Real ADONIS

A guide to understanding Commonly used and misunderstood language spoken by The Real ADONIS.

Overly: a person that carries their thoughts and feelings too overt. (noun/adj); 1. To insist your opinion and/or morals on someone else. The process of preaching or enforcing is considered being an Overly.

Homeless: a person that carries themeselves like a bumb. (noun/adj); 1. To participate in behavior that Polystylez doesn't approve of. The state of being a loser.

Skab: A commonly used and annunciated (rhyming with cab) acronym for "Skank ass Bitch" . (noun/adj); 1. A person of deplorable nature. An un-just version of trashy.

Skhifalore: A Skanky high falututin whore" . (noun/adj); 1. A woman of pretentious character skeeming for a dollar!

Squirtrynize: A word that contrigates the phrase "squirrel trying to get a nut" into a verb . (verb/adj); 1. The act of being conned or hustled by another individual.

Minion: A person with no substance or character. (Noun); 1. The human form of a rat. One who is so meaningless that their existence should be made a mochery of.


Everness: The history of all time (noun); 1. A state of eternal existence. 2. All times and places preceeding the present.