Don't bother me yet!

Dont Bother me yet !
He's got a funky disposition he really won't even listen.
And he only does whatever he likes.
He's always some where in the kitchen drumming up heat like an engine
And the recipe is always precise.
He's got a crazy tunnel vision and he's always on a mission
Don't you know he only hunts in the night?
But when the sun comes up you better not disrupt... Or you wont see another day of your life.
[Dont bother me yet]
The show starts in a minute
[Don't bother me yet]
I got a breif intermission but my coffee isnt finished and I gotta handle business tonight
He's got a defect in his linen now the girls are really stiching, and he's looking for a cigarette light
now be a good little minion go get him something stiff again and make sure that they put it on ice.
have faith in my precision, cause you know I represent it, when Im finished I'll be winning the night.

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