...as the real ADONIS

Busking in the train

subway singer

This page features a collection of captured performances available to the public on youtube.com and other social media outlets.
For more videos and performances of Musicians and buskers on the train, visit my web blog entitled "I Met you on the MTA."

The real adonis Guitar
My Acoustic songs

The day after my wisdom teeth were pulled, I was singing in so much pain...

THE END OF 2014 (The week of my America's Got talent Auditions)

My guitar fell in the train tracks, I lost a string , and I lost my voice, in the same day. 

The video that started it all ...


This song started out as an understated cover of "NUT BUSH" by Tina Turner and has over time become a song of its own... Obviously with no need to copy right it, a FEW WORDS HAVE BEEN ADDED And a couple of sounds have been changed; still I beleive this song holds the spirit of the original and is one of my most highly requested songs in the train.


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