...as the real ADONIS


Sent to me on January 6th of 2015, Danny Sax produced this instrumentation from Tokyo, and what an amazing combination of sounds that instantly nourished the neo in my soul. I did not have to begin writing this before the words just poured out of my mouth so fast that I forgot the ideas I was singing... si I started recording my self sing to the beat and this is what I came up with...

Until the day we met, 
I never thought someone could take my breath away
the way that we connect 
Its seems like we were never meant to separate.
Your taking my control
And closing off my bodys weakest defenses
  feel it in my bones...
andorphins releasing in my hemoglobin 
A blood rush to my head 
My sense of touching slowly starts to discipate
skin is flushing red, 
And Im so numb I hardly feel the throbbing pains.

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