...as the real ADONIS

Pictures of The real adonis (share and comment)

The Real Adonis has been shooting photography for over 7 years having previously worked at Glamour shots, Wolf camera, and Life Touch, throughout the course of his study.
"The Majority of my pictures are SELFIES, and yes.... I am a genius" (thanx in advance)

For bookings and show information call 678-468-6965

Photos by the real Adonis

Watch ME,  from the other side of the lens, as I share the stories on face book, ABOUT WHY... and what influenced the subject captured by my eyes.

Photos of The Real Adonis, captured by The Real ADONIS

All I know is that I was taking selfies before there was a name for it, check out the very best of my self indulged gallery of photos where I am the subject and the Photographer.



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