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Filmed for TNT movie "Freedom Song"  (1999-2000)
Worked as an extra along Danny glover and Jason weiver and other cast members and directors.
 (references unavailable)

photographer for Life touch photography  (2005-2007)
Photographed family portraits, maintained payroll, employee schedules and book keeping.
 (references unavailable)

POLYstylez the real adonis at BBkings

Roberta FLACK

CEO and co-founder of CCS entertainment (2004)
Co-wrote and produced a number of songs with Joe Cox; for CCS enetertainment
 (references available)

Singer and songwriter for Lee Major   (2008-2009) 
Co-wrote and recorded vocals for a song called Diamond life
 (references unavailable)

Singer and songwriter for hip hop artist QUESE (2010) 
Co-wrote and recorded vocals for a song called "What would you do"
 (references unavailable)

Singer and song writer for ITILL WIGGINS  (2011)
Wrote the song "SUPER NOVA" produced by LIBB productions featured in my song blogs. (references available)

Back up Singer  for Ivan Ramos  (2011)
recorded vocals for hit single "LOVE HUE"; produced by LORD ITILL
 (references available)

Singer and song writer for FEVALINO   (2014)
Wrote the song "LIES" featured in my song blogs. (references available)

John Casablanca, MTM (model talent managment) Atlanta 2002
learned principles of makeup application, Walking for runway, script memorization, improv on film and protocol of audition. (references available)

Assisted in the "Ball for life" campaign by Christy Luxe, funded by Jumpin johnny Wilson from the Harlem globe Trotters (2004)
Co-designed a logo for the ad campaign with Jamaine Earnest.
 (references available)

Co-creator and director of operations for CFO-Joe Cox of CCS Recording studios  (2004-2006)
Worked with artists in the development stages of their music, clients including Turk, shorty Rock, Scott Hires, Mr. sir, Jason Greene and Deja, Bully, Le madame and more.
 (references available)

Fragrance model for Dolce and Gabana, Gucci, Lacoste, and products via Proctor and Gamble (Seasonal)
Responsible for promoting fragrances for the holiday season; increased sales expectations and satisfied the sales goal by 40%
(references available)

Fragrance model for Katy Perry via Gigantic Parfumes (seasonal)
(references available)

Fragrance model for Elizabeth Arden : Representing John Varvatos, Paul Sebastian, White diamonds, Viva La Juicy, Curve cologne fragrances and much more(references available)

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February 25th 2012, LIVE at BB. Kings blues lounge in TIMESQUARE.

Recent activity 

My first time being recorded on you tube, this video has reached over 150,000 views and was praised by Roberta flack

2010 I was the first artist EVER, to open up for the CON-Artist LOUNGE on Ludlow st. in Manhattan NY.



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